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Maria Falk Larsson

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 for Mr Stålnacke´s beautiful

words about my painting:



There is something behind the mountains, behind the flowers and the song, there is something behind stars, behind the warm heart of mine. That is what the poet, Dan Andersson wrote in his perhaps most famous poem. Those lines have grabbed thousands and of thousands Swedish poem lovers. Those lines cut right into our hearts, they express our big dream of purpose in our lives.


That´s the way it is, and exactly the way we want it to be. We long for purpose with our time on earth. Was this all, we sometimes ask ourselves. Of course, there was more. I promise. It was, it is infinite much more. There is something behind the flowers and the song, there is something behind our warm hearts. This longing for purpose of life is of course the reason and the driving force for most of the artists, yes, it would be strange otherwise. We still want to achieve something with our words and pictures.


Maria Falk Larsson-with the signature mariafl-is one of these seekers who carefully thrives out to find a tender melody in her life. The human being is in focus in her dynamic and dramatic storytelling. If you take the liberty of searching into her paintings you will  meet characters filled with life, filled with beauty and searching. Next to each other and sometimes they also take the freedom to float in the air-their humandrama is taking place - and together they form a touching army or a lovetroup of the most living brothers and sisters.


Sometimes they stand still as in devotion, like waiting for the big miracle to take place. Then the great silence happens in the pictures. It may also be the facing away ones or the forgotten ones who in silence are awaiting the redemption. In some of Maria´s paintings I see the figuratives participate in a beautiful dance. Rhythmically the move and give the painting a nice pattern. It´s in those pictures that I see the most personal touch and the most beautiful result. The painter creates beauty to warm a frozen soul.



So far I see a searching spirit, a fumble artistry who also attracts me into an image magic and wealth of a picture world.



Stig-Åke Stålnacke

Member of AICA

Association of Art Critics