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Maria Falk Larsson

an artist from Sweden

Maria Falk Larsson


Here in New York at Artbox Project 1.0 New York having a wonderful time.

About me

Many would probably call me a searcher. I would more define myself as an insatiable discoverer whose curiosity never seems to die. I am extremely committed and present in what I´m currently focusing on. Is qiute impatient but still has a lot of patience. I think life is short and may hurry a bit too much in the present, to make sure I participate in everything my heart desires.

I live on a small farm on the countryside in Sweden. We have a wonderful view. I love the landscape, colors and openness. It offers amazing and varied nature experiences daily when I walk with my dogs.

Over the years, I have painted, or, in different phases and periods, been creative in many differentiated forms. There is so much inner that wants to be expressed. Now Í´m finally brave enough to show it more in public space.