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I´m so happy You found my page!

If You have any questions or like something, don´t hesitate to contact me! The headline "Mina verk" will show some of my paintings.


Mariafl is my signature. Behind it is a curious experimental creator.  Here you can see my journey in painting and life, which goes hand in hand. Vedic Art has inspired me to follow my heart and dream, to go beyond the imaginative reality and let the color and shape get the style, completely unpretentious, my inner. Certainly vague and doubt, but also a lot of humor and love of course!

Just started a collaboration with the artistside Konst2.se. There you can find a portfolio of paintings, a description and a small video clip with me.


1340ArtMagazine noticed my art and have now selected two of my paintings for sale. Please have a look and see who they chose!



is one of the Nordic region's largest internet galleries. There you will find information, pictures and eventually a blog.

Who am I?

Many would probably call me a searcher. I would more define myself as an insatiable discoverer whose curiosity never seems to die. I am extremely committed and present in what I am currently focusing on. Is quite impatient but still has a lot of patience. I think life is short and I may hurry a bit too much in the present, to make sure I participate in everything that my heart desires.


I live on a small farm in the countryside in Sweden.  We have a wonderful view. I love the landscape, colors and openness. It offers amazing and varied nature experiences daily when I walk with my dogs.

Over the years, I have painted or, in different phases and periods, been creative in many differentiated forms. There is so much inner that wants to be expressed. Now I'm finally brave enough to show it more in public space.

Planned exhibitions and happenings 2018

180804-180809 Galleri Engleson, Göteborg

180831-180902 Södra Vätterbygdens Konstrunda, Jönköping

180921-180924 Artistes du Monde, Cannes

180928-180930 Konstnatten, VinContoret, Tidaholm

180930              Konstnatta, Sv. Konstgalleriet, Malmö

181026-181028  Deeloopartmässa, Malmö

181206-181209 Luxemburg Art fair, Luxemburg


Turbinhuset samlingsutställning, Tidaholm 1998

Konstnatten, Falköping/Tidaholm 2016

Torggatan 3, Tidaholm 2016                           

Galleri Villastaden, Borås 2017

Tidaholms Ramverkstad, Tidaholm 2017

Skaraborggsalongen, Skövde Kulturhus 2017

Södra Vätterbygdens Konstrunda, Jönköping 2017

Konstnatten Falköping/Tidaholm, VinContoret, Tidaholm, 2017

Artbox Project 1.0 New York, New York, 2018

Kyrkans Hus, Mullsjö, 2018

Hjo Konstrunda, Rustik, Hjo, 2018

My process

With the brush against the canvas, I get into the process, from the first almost subtle contact until I slowly lift my hand to consider what has happened, to slowly back, observe, and let my eyes look for the colors and the shapes to perhaps assume a more objective role, even though the meeting still feels intimate.  I'm looking for meetings that can take me to the next step, thinking about the next principle, looking for what there is but at the same time is not. Where does the image wants to go and how about the feeling, the mind and the energy?

Sometimes everything goes at a furious pace, barely meeting the canvas with the brush until the fabric is full of color and shape, texture and saturation. I step away, wait and marvel at what ended up there. Almost as if someone else has been there and made pictures come true. I am surprised by what comes from my conscious inner images but also by those who are completely unaware. Something has happened as if in a long meditation, the moment has been still and creation has been created.

With joy, the color palette allows itself to be used, forms are formed and the view is born, with the viewer as a helper.

My passion is to paint but

I´m also found of photographing, especially catching the light in nature. I´m quite new but I do have some photos at Lensculture:


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